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About Us
Fenix Technology was founded to advance the state of the art in the design and manufacture of high performance arc lamps and flash lamps. We have merged 30 plus years of experience and manufacturing experience with customized CAD technology to provide quality products and quality service.

Custom Design Program

We at Fenix Technology have created a design program completely integrating the design and manufacturing functions, eliminating paperwork delays and enabling us to offer error free custom designs. This program provides our customers with:

  • Over the phone designs in a matter of minutes
  • Same Day Customer Approval
  • Same Day Release To Production
  • Immediate Implementation of Engineering Changes
  • Interactive Design at The Customer Site

Better Service

This program was conceived and executed totally by Fenix Technology and is designed to be easily expandable to accommodate any future requirements. Ultimately, this frees engineering from mundane tasks and enables better service through new product and process development.

We take particular pride in our manufacturing and process control. Equipment is designed for functionality and maintainability. Materials are purchased and inspected to the highest standards and traceability is maintained. Also, to eliminate any potential hard radiation hazard, all of our products are totally Thorium free.

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